Urban Engineers win award for Rail Park work

1 min readPosted December 21, 2018

The Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers Philadelphia Chapter awarded Urban Engineers the annual Outstanding Engineering Achievement award for the firm’s work with the Rail Park.

The Rail Park’s construction was overseen by Urban Engineers, and with their help the project saw wholesale transformation of Noble Street from Broad to 12th.

“It is an honor for us at Urban to be recognized for our engineering achievement on this project,” said Urban Engineers project manager for the Rail Park, Angelo Waters. “We are very proud of the hard work of our staff and all who contributed to this project.”

This is not the first award Urban Engineers have won for their work on the Rail Park. The project was named Project of the Year by the Mid-Atlantic chapter of the Construction Management Association of America at an awards banquet in June. The Rail Park was also named a Community Awardee by Green Building United at the 2018 Groundbreaker Awards.

Urban Engineers has a staff of more than 450 employees located at 15 regional offices across the country. They are based in Philadelphia, where they were founded as a seven-person firm in 1960.


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