The Rail Park’s 13th Street stairs will be in an awkward location. Why?

2 min readPosted November 20, 2018

In early renderings of the Rail Park, a set of stairs connects 13th Street to Noble Street. These stairs weren’t part of the initial construction, but are now being constructed.

Alas, the stairs won’t land alongside the bridge as originally designed and depicted above. Instead the stairs will have to run up and over the bridge, landing smack dab in the middle of the walkway.

Here’s the new set of renderings.

According to Rail Park officials, the plans were forced to change because Netrality (owners of the Terminal Commerce Building adjacent the Rail Park) would not cede the few square yards of space needed to land the stairs in their originally planned location.

As this Google Maps image above shows, the land in question is quite small relative to the overall footprint of the site. At least this tour guide is quite disappointed in the fact that Netrality wouldn’t open itself up to the larger neighborhood.


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